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The Gundog Company


Donnachaidh Gundogs

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Welcome to The Gundog Company








Who we are:

A family based in a small Leicestershire village that is enthusiastic about the gundog breed and committed to their training and welfare. Our experiences with our own dogs are at the heart of what we do.


Where it began:

Alongside their ability to be extremely lovable pets, we saw the capability of our dogs in the hunting field when given the correct training and conditions.

Due to the successful development of our dogs we achieved fantastic competitive field results and grew the desire to share our knowledge and encourage other gundog owners.


What we can do:

Provide exceptional gundog training accompanied by a whole range of advice in developing your dog into a fit, keen and well-trained pet.


We offer:

  • Puppy training

  • Group sessions

  • One-to-one training


What we provide:

We are kindly supported by the Chudleys range of products as we believe, through personal experience and results, that this range provides optimum nutritional value.

Our own dogs are in excellent condition and are a testament to the Chudleys products we have provided them in order to develop.





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